These pests will be present in large numbers, contaminating any food left on tables or counters. Ant control can be tricky, since it involves conducting an exhaustive search to locate the ant colony's nest. Once the nest has been found, the ants can be treated with a product for full colony elimination.


Roaches are the most common pest in the world and they are everywhere, which makes controlling them so very important. Florida roaches, also known as palmetto bugs or water bugs, are not only a nuisance, but they can also destroy food, damage books and fabrics, and spread disease.


Many people have a fear of spiders, and this makes them one of the most dreaded pests. If your home has many entry points or you have some cracks or openings in walls or by doors, you may be inviting spiders into your home. Things like reducing clutter will make your residence less appealing to spiders.


Rodents are tenacious pests, who can bring germs and disease into your home. Rats and mice have powerful front teeth and can use these to gnaw at and damage your property. They quickly reproduce, which can immediately intensify the severity of an infestation.


If wasps or hornets establish a nest, they will be present in large numbers. They are stinging pests, and, if you are allergic, these stings can be dangerous and even fatal. Effective wasp and hornet control starts with locating the nest, which can then be treated and removed.


Bed bugs feast on blood, and they come out at night to drink it while you sleep. A bed bug bite can cause itching and welting. Bed bug control can be a challenging process, as it can involve the use of professional methods such as fumigation.